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Becky Carter - Faith & Hospitality Editor

Becky Carter, co-host of Thriving in the Trenches podcast, is mother to five strong-willed children. She and her family returned to the Catholic Church after running away from it for 17 years. The years of searching for the truth have led her to be a fierce defender of the faith.

Carrie Gress - Editor

Carrie Gress, a homeschooling mother of four, has a doctorate in philosophy from the Catholic University of America. She is a regular blogger at The National Catholic Register and My Favorite Catholic Things. She has authored several books, including a best-seller, The Marian Option (TAN 2017), and most recently, Marian Consecration for Children (TAN 2018).

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Noelle Mering - Arts & Culture Editor, Social Media Manager

Noelle Mering is a free-lance writer with a background in theatre and philosophy. She and her husband live in Ventura, California, with their six children.


Megan Schrieber - Design & Wellness Editor

Megan Schrieber, co-host of Thriving in the Trenches podcast, is a Catholic mother of six, an athlete, interior designer, and speaker who is eager to address and defend the Catholic Church’s empowering vision of womanhood and religious freedom.

Helena Daily Contributors

Katie Curtis


Katie Curtis, a mother of six (including a new set of twins), writes about her favorite food recipes at her blog The Humble Onion. She published her first novel in 2017, The Wideness of the Sea, and is currently working on a food memoir about growing up in a family of ten with a mother who cooked amazing family dinners. She and her family live  near Portsmouth, NH.


Michelle Gress

Michelle Gress, a mother of four, has lived in Helsinki and Manila, and now in Vienna. She has extensive experience as a public relations professional, and is an attorney who has worked primarily on public policy in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill, as well as for The President's Council on Bioethics.


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Sofia Infante - Book Editor

Sofia Infante lives in Boston and recently graduated from Boston College with a Master's degree in Theology. Though she grew up in Maryland, she spent most of her summers in Columbia and a year and half in New Dehli, India.

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Leigh Snead - Fashion & Travel Editor

Leigh Snead is a stay-at-home mom with three sons and is freelance lifestyle writer living in South Bend, Indiana. She has a Master's Degree in Philosophy from The Catholic University of America and loves entertaining, fashion, and food.



Amber VanVickle

Amber VanVickle is a free lance writer with a degree in English from Franciscan University of Steubenville. A homeschooling mother, Amber, her husband Dave, and their five children live in Pittsburgh.

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Elizabeth Wise

Elizabeth Wise studied history at Belmont Abbey College, followed by 9 months with Belmont Abbey's Benedictine Volunteer Corps of Belmont Abbey in Mtwara, Tanzania. She is currently writing a book on Catholic mysteries and working in classical education in Northern Virginia.

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