"The Hart" of Christ: The Hidden Chapel of Amsterdam

By Elizabeth Wise

In 1661, Catholic businessman, Jan Hartman, had the brilliant plan to build a hidden chapel in his home. His success trading linen and selling local wines enabled him to purchase adjacent properties to build his secret chapel. He acquired one canal house along the Oudezijds Voorburgwal, as well as two additional properties in the connected alley.  After these three acquisitions, Hartman immediately began major work on the buildings.

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Relics: Vessels of Grace and Mercy

By Amber VanVickle

One encounter with relics felt reminiscent of my “dinosaur bones” days, squinting through the glass at untouchable reliquaries with indecipherable names and Latin classifications. But what did strike me was the multitude whose remains must have been so fervently and painstakingly gathered and preserved to not only honor the blessed and holy individual, but to propagate the faith.

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